Friday, August 26, 2005

Hey! Lil Fella

Hey! Lil Fella

Lil Fella, it's your beautiful smile and your hope for tomorrow that obliges me to give my all to make sure your tomorrow is better than today. To make sure that your future is brighter than mine. I pray that I will never let you down or have you wondering what did I do with my time on Earth. I love you Lil Fella for all the good things you inspire in me, how your smile often propels me to make the impossible possible. Without you Lil Fella and the other Lil Fella's and Fella-ettes, this world would cease to exist in any meaningful way. Because in you God has placed a light that has burned out in most of us. You still believe and because of that I still achieve. Lil Fella, thanks for lighting my heart and giving direction to my life .


Blogger marita said...

You are soo blessed. With your premission i would like to share this with my "lil Fella"and Fellette. My son will soon be leaving me to off to college, it's bitter sweet for me. This poem explains how I feel about the both of them. Thank you!

9:25 AM  

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