Sunday, November 06, 2005

Light Beauty

Light Beauty

This poem was originally written for my grandmothers who recently passed away. We received a huge response from alot of you in the form of prayers and heartfelt encouragement. We'd therefore like to share this poem with you for any of your loved ones who have passed on. May you find in it solace and fond memories. This is for those of Beautiful Light.

i write a song
i write a song for you
a song for all times
a song of ecstatic prayers
a song of infused love
a song for you
a song i know you'll hear
as your breathing nears its limits
it gives life to all
as we remember
your humanity
your dignity
your care
as we remember
your love
your eyes
your touch
your smile
though we're far apart
hearts know no distance
so when i felt,
you felt
when i smiled,
you smiled
when i laughed,
you laughed
when i cried,
you cried
and when i danced,
you danced
and when i sang,
you sang
and now we can sing this song that i write for you
thousand miles apart
yet together
as one
with one beat of two hearts
and as i look from a distance into your eyes
i feel your love
and know that you know
that we must carry-on
with a different beat
but with the same song
a song of love.


Blogger Andrey said...

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8:40 AM  
Blogger Thierry said...

beautiful poem.
maybe someone could turn it into a song, who knows ?
keep writing.
peace out.

3:09 PM  
Blogger marita said...

You've touched a very wounded part of my soul with this poem. I so very much miss my mother and father who just recently passed this year. You, my old love have an emeasurable sense of capturing emotion, feeling in your writing.

8:40 AM  

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