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As the sea gently erases the imprints in the sand, what is left? What is left are those gentle kindnesses that we grace each particle of this universe with. Be it a smile, a kindly word or simple pleasantries; it won't be forgotten! Each encounter leaves its imprints. In our journey through life we are constantly leaving imprints on each being we come in contact with. When the terrestrial journey comes to an end our hope is for the celestial journey. Our encounters will play themselves forward and it'll be monumental for us or utterly disastrous. No one knows one's end and can not take the liberty of presuming to know their station with Him. Him has informed us through His divine messages that every soul is sacred, every breath is precious, every moment is beautiful and every reflection is a direction towards heavenly aims. Indeed our time on earth will slowly come to an end, therefore let us leave beautiful imprints in the sand.


Blogger Sheila M. Wright said...

The God in you permeates so brilliantly. Everytime I come to this place you have created for us, I inhale with anticipation and I spend the rest of my time on this blog exhaling....

It's so rich and so peaceful. I am thankful that God gave us you. Thank you for saying yes to the journey my beautiful brother. Thank you for showing me what balance looks like.


4:20 PM  
Blogger Bilal said...

Salaam Alaykum Brother. This is beautiful. I too am a nomad like you. Check out my book Roots Recovered at or look at the reviews on

I am your kindred spirit. Travel, especially to those sacred quite places is good for the soul.

Ramadan Mubarak

Bilal Abdul Haqq (James White)

4:36 AM  
Blogger Bilal said...

May Allah, mighty and merciful is HE, bless and protect you in all of your travels

4:38 AM  
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