Saturday, December 10, 2005

B-Boy Stance

B-Boy Stance

Hip-Hop often receives low and dirty blows from masters of tricknology that try to hide their evil intent and more often than not, older Blacks unaware of what's being lodged, join in and say, "Amen!" Hip Hop is a medium that allows those without a pulpit or sounding board to express themselves. Hip Hop has been labeled misogynistic, crude and a plethora of negative words further alienating, disenfranchising and criminalizing young Black males specifically. Hip Hop and MC's have sought to broadcast and/or report what they see and experience and thus have been called "The Black CNN." Whatever ills these MC's speak of in their songs were long in usage before someone said, "Uh 1,2, Uh 1,2." Yes, there's a certain level of responsibility and there are ways to paint pictures without low and base language, but where are the men, be they in the pulpit, corporate offices, City Hall, Congress etc. to mentor and coach these youths and legislate against the inequities that they live in daily. Many see a reality and are tired of the fantasy world that we'd like to project for them. Hip Hop has given so many people jobs and ambitions where many would have fallen into the cracks or faced an early death. So, in all fairness if we want to start with some of the ills of Hip Hop let's start with the misogyny of women in corporations, politics, advertisement etc. Let's begin with the poor school systems that lack financial resources and self-serving superintendants of school districts. Let's deal with police brutality and suspicion for looking like a criminal. Let's go after corrupt professional politicians who use tricknology and hate-filled messages under the guise of being Patriotic to control its citizenry. Yes, Hip Hop has its responsibility but don't stump on us or brand us criminals and purveyors of evil and filth because of our B-Boy Stance.


Blogger Global Statesman said...

nice article...unfortunately for the status quo, their power is no longer as fashionable and alluring as it once was...people, by virtue of mediums such as the Internet, are slowly moving away from the 'sheep' mentality. game will recognize game...and as a wise man once said, "time will tell, sh#t will smell, and water will seek its own level." the media and politicians can critisize hip-hop as often as they want, but they fail to realize why their own children are so drawn to the realm of MC's. I will not touch on these reasons in this comment, because as i said earlier, game recognizes game---peace from the east!

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