Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Moroccan Shake

The Moroccan Shake

My first year in Morocco, I spent living in the Imperial City of Marrakesh. Marrakesh's magnificience and marvelous culture made me feel like I was home. The people were proud, lighthearted, fun, hospitable and the food was sumptuous. Whether it was the various tajine dishes, bastilla, rafeesa or the famous couscous dishes you were going to partake in delicious dining. It's not simpy the way these meals are prepared but it's the way they're presented that really has a profound affect on the heart. The tales of Morocco run the gamut from breath-taking to horrifying. Well, this is one tale about a journey to As-Suwara, the coastal city on the West African Ocean that's approximately 90 minutes from Marrakesh. We commandeered a taxi and jetted off to As-Suwara. As-Suwara is a very laidblack city with an artsy flavor. The beautiful colors of buildings and homes, bring a certain calmness to the soul. It's certainly a place for the eyes to relax and find comfort and rest. As-Suwara is also known for it's Gnawa Music Festival's that are akin to Reggae Musical Explosions in Jamaica. The late great Jimi Hendrix spent some time in this magical city in the late 60's. You'll find people from all over the world and various blackgrounds coming to these musical gatherings. You'll meet people from Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, North America all jamming to the sounds of these funky musicians. As we entered the city, we saw these musicians doing a number and I couldn't help but join them and do "The Moroccan Shake" with them. Of course it cost me a few dirhams to do this lovely dance with them. We boogied oogied oogied for a few minutes and it left me with another beautiful moment in Morocco, the place of many myths yet many marvelous tales.


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