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How does one begin to articulate family and its importance. Starting with the mindset of children is an excellent place to begin. A sibling welcomes the newborn and commences to teaching them language, habits, and traditions. But moreover than these matters they partake in the care, concern and protection of the new addition. They initiate the younger sibling into all of the nuances of family and societal life with love and responsibility. Even during their play time there are teaching moments. How to make a snowball, how to make an angel in the snow, how to play jacks and hopscotch and so many other how to's. Family is love and connectedness and a host of other fascinating intangibles. Often whilst passing through life, we add on to our family by the people we meet and who by their love, concern and connectedness become family as well.


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A college professor once told me, "friends are the family you get to choose."

Great blog!

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