Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

My eldest brother Tony introduced us to football. And my brother Steve and I ran with it. He was the quarterback and I was the wide receiver. Tony taught us how to run pass routes and other techniques. Tony bought us a Nerf football and the rest is history. Steve and I connected for touchdown plays like AT&T connects customers. We played down the man, backyard football, and street football. We used to challenge other streets and neighborhoods to games and we'd demolish them. I'd catch a minimum of 7 touchdowns a game. And it wasn't because of my speed that I caught so many TD's, but due to my savvy, precise route running and timing with my quarterback. We'll go down in the football annals as the best combination, better than Montana to Rice, better than Marino to Clayton and Duper, better than Aikman to Irvin and of course better than McNabb to T.O. who by the way could use some brotherly love.


Blogger the seeker said...

reminds me of the great times my brothers and I used to have as kids...I'm feelin the blog!

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